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Third Eye Series

This series is about a fantasy race based on the third eye. It can represent awakening and spirituality. Keeping up with that number, I designed three characters. The styling is based on the classes given to each one. Meet Kali, Tali, and Juno. Short descriptions are down below.

Kali: the first warrior coming from a family line of mages. You can usually find her practicing with a few friends from the academy at one of the fields past her home. She is a stoic individual from a distance but has a bit of dry humor mixed with sarcasm when you become a close friend.

Talia: comes from a long line of Berserkers and is proud of it. You can usually find her at the marketplace scouting for exotic goodies for her collection or running errands for some townsfolk. Talia keeps a level head and is a bit of a jokester on the downtime. The townsfolk regard her as a sweetheart and generally helpful person.

Juno: one of the three remaining individuals from a bloodline of assassins. The two others still alive are her younger brother and sister. Juno goes by she/they pronouns. If you try to find her, usually, she is off completing assignments listed in one of the guilds or walking around town with Vyn and Reyda in tow. Not too many people know her personally or aren't able to get too close. With her heritage and personality, Juno is a very closed-off individual.

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