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Summer Camp Slasher

To see how far a post could reach on Instagram, I created an art piece focusing on various popular content creators. To make the art more genuine, I chose creators I enjoy and love being a part of their community. I pushed past my comfort zone with how many people I could draw. The overall count was 22 content creators designed with the 80s horror camp slasher theme in mind. The post did well. It moved past my expectations of how far it would reach.

Featured Creators: Berleezy, PG (physicalgamerz), Joe (joeiaco), Poiised, Ricothegiant, Dontai, Jay (Kubz Scouts), AyChristene, Krysta (Krystalogytv), Krby (Krbyos), Bri (Storymodebae), Coryxkenshin, Dashie, Jazzyguns, Jaelensfries, Biigmic, LateNightDrew, Jojothamofoo, Loud Flavor Games, and Goldenpwnyboi

Most of these creators come from the gaming community. Frequently uploading on Youtube and/or streaming on the popular platform Twitch.

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