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Black Pearl: The organic gem is drawn as a deity that has awoken from its slumber. This piece uses mainly cool colors that include blue, green, and purple. Meanwhile, orange and pink give off warmth that compliments the cool. The black pearl can have undertones and overtones such as green, pink, blue, silver, and yellow. It reminded me of how my brown skin and people of similar shades can do something magical with these colors. Our skin can bear various undertones that can range from a crisp teal to a warm scarlet. An individual with a darker shade can hold onto blue with the utmost care. Another with lighter skin can grasp upon the rays of yellow. Seeing how different colors shine on your skin can be a wonderful experience especially for those who appreciate the color theory.

Heart of Gold: The material gold reimagined as a living deity. This piece uses slightly warm colors that includes yellow, red, and orange. Meanwhile, black causes a rift with the feeling of bleakness. The label Heart of Gold given to an individual is similar to how others mine gold and treat the environment in which it can reside. That person can be a rare commodity where others with ill intentions will pick and take what they want. Until that person also becomes hollow and sucked dry.

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