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Femininity & Masculinity

A piece focused on pulling at the stereotypes of being feminine and masculine as a black woman. Growing up, I frequently questioned my womanhood based on the labels given to me by others revolving around my appearance. Black women typically have masculine attributes associated with them based on stereotypical expectations. Our body size is being met with scrutiny because it does not meet the ideal type of a full-figured woman. From strangers to people in your community trying to determine if you are masculine or feminine by looking at how dark your skin tone is to how much muscle you have. People feel they have the right to slap a label on you based on their personal view of what makes a woman. In reality, we are not to be put into one or the other. Nothing fully determines what is masculine or feminine but how you identify yourself. You can be slim with body hair, all muscle with a curvy figure, and have dark rich skin flaunting off oversized wear. As black women, we should not have to stay inside a box but be free to explore our masculinity and feminity by our own choice.

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